AI monitoring for bedridden patients

The application for the most vulnerable patients - those who are bedridden. Based on Artificial Intelligence it detects the patients position, fall risk and emergency signals and provides microclimate control and visitors authorization.

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Health monitoring

Heart rate control using smart bracelet
Bedsores prevention through AI pose detection

Safety control

Patient's visitors authorization
Detection of falls, fall risk and emergency signals

Nurse supervision

Nurse's frequency of stay outlook
Control of bedsores' prevention measures for the nurse

Microclimate indication

Temperature, humidity, CO2 level, noise and luminosity control for patient's comfort
Individual specification of the norms for microclimate indicators

How it works

Third Opinion Care is a plug and play hardware/software complex. It is delivered to the customer in a carry on case and can use WiFi or mobile internet connection. The setup and installation time is up to 5 minutes only and here you go - the virtual nurse supervisor is ready to provide the needed service to your loved ones.
Smart bracelet
video sensor
4G router / Wi-Fi
microclimate sensors


John, patient
Jane, nurse

Face recognition

The system provides information on who has come and how much time they spent with patient
Patient is lying on the right side

Pose recognition

Based on AI algorithms the application detects 4 poses of the bedridden patient:
Left side
Right side
Fall from bed

Falls detection

The solution alarms the patient fall risk, hand up signal from patient and “missing in bed” emergency status



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